Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Images during Durga Puja - Oct 10

Have travelled miles...
by all means... public, private and bus no 11
clicked at random from moving cars
or sometimes just stopped by

Things haven't changed in the last 11 years
yes Pujo in Kolkata is now

..."New, Improved, jyaada chamak ke saath"

Started off my Pujo darshan with - where else but a Mall - South City Mall

Back to the Pandals... Last minute work in progress, Mother is on her way

In the middle of all this, tucked away is this little shop... Have a friend by the name. Wonder - side business chaloo kiya kya

Hopping by New Market and a stopover by my most favorite Phucka wala(for the uninitiated that's what Bongs call Paanipuri). This guy stands in front of GLOBE. Wonder where the old man is, this guy could be his son.
Its the time to .....
Now back to serious pandal hopping... This is Mudiali - Entrance
 This is the Pandal
 This is the Protima (Idol)
 and this is the Chandelier or Jhaar... I am advised by my Guide to watch out for the Jhaars. There is biig competition between Pandals on who has the best Jhaar in town
Moving on... This is Lake Pujo... Pandal is a Boat

 There is Durga maa in all her Glory sans her fiery Trishul... She is at peace with her children
 The concept here is based On Rabindranath Tagore's Poem which is inscribed here....
 Another Pujo... This seemed to be straight out of Avatar, I just loved this one
The organisers are called "Shib Mondir"
 amazing play of colors and light
 different art      
symbolic with Nature/Mother Earth
No jhaar here...
and this is the Protima... I am floored by this Pandal

 Notice south east Asian influences .....

 Now this is the real JHAAR.... my guide tells me ... Ekdalia
 Out of TOY land
 Pretty colorful rendition

now this is Kolkata's vuvuzela, yeah 5 bucks and sounds as irritating. found this near a pandal

 Wow... in City Centre Mall Salt Lake a horse drawn Tram car... with a shop inside

Lets not forget .. Kolkata's best Jhal muri
 here's the proof & coordinate's
Back to Pandal hoppin.. As ARTY as it can get...
 no jhaar here

 oops ...Ravan maybe..

 whats this

 one pandal with concept of ... Matka's
 thats the new(not new anymore)...Howrah bridge
Now the next 4 pics are dedicated to my friend suvendu, die hard kolkatan and was missing his para'r pujo
so here's to you... Hatibagan Sarbojonin.


And... all good things come to an end
Bisarjon (immersion) begins...
 with Band baja...

 DID aspirants...
and fireworks...

Goodbye Mother...
In Kolkata we say... "Aasche bochor abar hobe"

Time for some Mishti...

Before the end....
Nothing on Kolkata can be complete without
"Victoria Memorial"

And since it began with SRK's ... KEEP IT ON
Salman bhai isn't too far behind

Kolkata - "KEEP IT ON"

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  1. Fantastic stuff!!! Must make a trip next year!!!